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Think Modi is dictatorial? Try Rahul’s totalitarianism

Gautam Chikermane’s tweets


The latest outburst from Rahul Gandhi that tears all the ambitions behind an Ordinance into bits (and rightly so) shows that the India of 21st century is not very different from that of the Epic ages of millenniums ago. The right analogy that hits us is of a sulking Duryodhana throwing yet another tantrum on his weak father Dhritarashtra. But the bigger conclusion is this: The Congress vice president is unfit to lead a political party of modern India. There is just too much arrogance, extraordinary hubris and absolute disdain for the organisation he is expected to inherit and run.

The problem is that Rahul’s is not a voice like Milind Deora’s, who was the first Congress leader to have publicly denounced the act. “Legalities aside,” he tweeted on September 26, “allowing convicted MPs/MLAs 2 retain seats in the midst of an appeal can endanger already eroding public faith in democracy.” This, when senior leaders were out in the open, facing bullets of allegations and defending this brazen Ordinance. For all his bravery, Deora is irrelevant in the larger scheme of things — without the ‘Gandhi’ suffix, anybody is a nobody in the Congress.

My column in First Post.


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