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What Arvind Kejriwal’s victory means for political enterpreneurship

Gautam Chikermane’s tweets


There is no better time to be a political entrepreneur in India as today. While ArvindKejriwal is the face of that entrepreneurial resurgence, his bigger impact is in the creation of an entirely new politics, akin to the discovery of a new market, that holds the promise of power. If business schools still haven’t begun to write their case studies on the spectacular debut of Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), they’re going to get left behind in academic entrepreneurship. The strongest signal the elections in Delhi have sent across the political spectrum is that even today, there is space for innovation, there are gaps in the market for power, there is room for enterprise.

You might argue that the AAP didn’t have much to do. The quad of mis-governance, corruption, inefficiency and insensitivity that the Indian National Congress has excelled in over the past three years has become like the snake that is eating its own tail, offering political opportunities to those looking to serve an angry electorate. In fact, the AAP must be grateful to the Congress which with its unique culture of arrogance, apathy and submissiveness to the Gandhi family has opened out its flanks for entrepreneurs to rip into.

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