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The Pioneer discusses The Disrupter

Gautam Chikermane’s tweets


The Pioneer discusses The Disrupter in a story on political books today.
“From contextual analysis of ideologies, biographies, fictitious characters to tongue-in-cheek take on leaders, politics has become the latest fad of authors and publishers,” it states. I am quite surprised by the number of political books on offer today.
Here’s what it says about The Disrupter.
“The ambit of politics is abuzz with several initiatives. Young and new leaders are connecting to voters via digital medium. People want to know more than what is being posted on their Twitter and Facebook feeds. Books are not going to influence them directly but will certainly polish their knowledge about what’s unfurling around them,” says writer Gautam Chikermane, who has co-authored The Disrupter along with Soma Banerjee. The Disrupter talks about the audacious rise of the aam aadmi and how Arvind Kejriwal captured the dissent of the aam admi towards the system and converted it into a political force.
“Narendra Modi has emerged as the favourite protagonist of election literature. There are many books that talk about the leader’s life and his model of governance,” the story states.
For now, it seems The Disrupter is the only book that studies Arvind Kejriwal. But I’m sure ours will be the first, not the last word on this constantly-changing idea.
Titled, Politically Correct, you can read the full story here.
And if the debate interests you, pre-order The Disrupter here.


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