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Readings on Monday’s market crash

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The day after a major market event throws up interesting reports and analyses. Here’s a list following yesterday’s Manic Monday — an overused expression, I know, but that’s what we have.

The Times of India has an interesting interview with Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Finance. “Indians should not worry about this fall at all,” he says. “The structural reforms that we have undertaken are very substantial. Whether it is banking sector, whether it is the coal auction, whether it is NPAs or bankruptcy code, the manner in which we have tried to boost the entrepreneurial economy in India — these are all major structural reforms that are underway right now. But, structural reforms by definition do not deliver results overnight, they take time.”

It also has an interesting story that tracks a correlation: 7 of 10 biggest Sensex falls happened on a Monday.

Among advisories, we have the usual ‘he said, she added’ reports that echo one another.

But Lisa Pallavi Barboa’s report in Mint stands out and is closest to what I believe: stay invested. “While the opportunity is there, no need to jump in and buy for the sake of it. Invest in equity only if you have spare cash; stagger the buying. Don’t upset long-term asset allocation. Experts agree large caps are better valued than mid and small caps at present. For long-term investors, 3-5-year outlook remains positive. So, continue existing investments with that perspective. Many overseas brokerages remain overweight on India and identify it as the most promising emerging market. So, remain invested; don’t rush into buying and surely don’t sell in a panic.”

Almost all newspapers have edits on the fall.

The Financial Express captures the India opportunities and pushes for reforms to take advantage.

The Times of India sees the fall as an opportunity to improve India’s standing as an investment destination.

DNA hangs the demand of double-digit growth on the fall.

The after-effects of Monday’s carnage continue. As of 12:51 IST, China (down 7.6%) and Japan (down 3.9%) are reeling, Hong Kong (down 0.3%) and India (down 0.1%) are recovering and Europe and the Americas are yet to open. The day promises excitement on both sides of the globe.


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